25 January 2020

Seminar on Mathematics Education and Computer Softwares 2019

27 Jan. 2020 (Mon) 14:00 - 17:00
Toho University, Faculty of Science, Room 4350 (access
2-2-1 Miyama ,Funabashi-shi ,Chiba 274-8510


Setsuo Takato (Toho University)
Call of Free Mathematica Engine from KeTCindy

Abstract: Wolfram Research launched Free Wolfram Engine for Developers on May in 2019. Recently the function set to call this engine has been implemented to KeTCindy. It mainly consists of Wlfun, Wltex and CalcbyW corresponding to Mxfun, Mxtex and CalcbyM in case of Maxima. I will explain how to use them and show some examples.
Takeo Noda (Toho University)
KeTCindyJS content with sliders and textboxes and its use in the classsroom

Abstract: CindyJS is a framework to create interactive mathematical content for the web and KeTCindyJS is a library to enhance CindyJS with many additional functions. In this talk, I will present examples of interactive KeTCindy content with sliders and textboxes, and their use in the classroom.
Satoshi Yamashita (National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College)
Creating a Teaching Material Using Wolfram Engine and KeTCindy
Coffee and Discussions
Shin-ichi Yasutomi (Toho University)
\(3n+1\) problem over \(F_2[x]\) , Cas and Mathematical education
Jose A. Vallejo (State University of San Luis Potosi)
Going beyond maths: New challenges for the KeTCindy team

Abstract: KeTCindy has come to a degree of maturity where applications beyond mathematics are plausible. In this talk, I will comment on some problems coming from physics and engineering which I think could be successfully tackled and then ported to the classroom.

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Organizer: Takeo Noda (Toho University)